These are my favorite books on writing, the books that helped me to get published in the first place. However, I just realized that it’s been years since I’ve bought a how-to book on writing and I’m not familiar with the new ones. (I’ve been writing 4 books per year, reading romances to keep up with current trends etc., which kind of kept me busy.) So if you have a favorite that’s not listed here (especially if it’s somewhat newer) would you please tell me about it? I’m going to put them on my Santa list 🙂

So this is what’s on my bookshelf:

•Ansen Dibell: Plot

I found this book immensely helpful and would recommend it to every aspiring author.

•Christopher Vogler: The Writer’s Journey

Based on Joseph Campbell’s work, written in a more digestible format.

•Debra Dixon: Goal, Motivation & Conflict

A must read.

•Donald Maass: Writing the Breakout Novel

Solid advice from a knowledgeable industry professional. Every writer should read this book.

•Dwight V. Swain: Techniques of a Selling Writer

This is one of my favorites. Solid advice.

•Eve Paludan: Romance Writer’s Pink Pages

A wonderful reference book that includes publishers’ guidelines and tons of other industry information.

•Joseph Campbell: The Hero with a Thousand Faces

A super book, but not an easy read. Would recommend to advanced writers.

•Julie Checkoway: Creating Fiction

A collection of essays from writers’ workshop. Angled toward literary fiction.

•Kathryn Falk: How to Write a Romance and Get it Published

A classic.

•Leonard J Rosen: The Everyday English Handbook

A concise guide to grammar.

•Linda Griffin: The Writer’s Guide to Critique Groups

Excellent source, written by an editor.

•Linda Seger: Creating Unforgettable Characters

The title says it all. One of my favorites.

•Linda Seger: Making a Good Script Great

Whether you’re writing scripts or novels, I think you’ll find this practical guide useful. Full of illustrations from well-known motion pictures.

•Marc McCutcheon: Building Believable Characters

A great guide for beginning writers.

•Margaret Shertzer: The Elements of Grammar

•Noah Lukeman: The First Five Pages

Excellent advice! Take it to heart.

•Noah Lukeman: The Plot Thickens

Lots of exercises to sharpen your fiction.

•R. Browne & D. King: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

A must for every writer. It will help you make that all-important good first impression on editors.

•Robert McKee: Story

A super book, but not an easy read. I’d recommend it to the advanced writer.

•Sol Stein: Stein on Writing

Would recommend to advanced writers.

•Stephen King: On Writing

A wonderful insight into the life of a mega-author. He has a lot to teach, and it’s all in easily digestible, no-nonsense prose.

•Sue Crafton: Writing Mysteries

A collection of essays by top writers of the genre.

•Syd Field: Screenplay

Great for plotting. A classic.

•Valerie Parv: The Art of Romance Writing

A great book for beginning romance writers.

•W. I. Strunk & E.B. White: The Elements of Style

A classic for good reason.


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