A big welcome to my friend Jacki King who just released a funny/super sexy trilogy: THE MARGARITA CHICA FINDS LOVE She’s my blog guest today. Enjoy!!!

jackie-king-trilogyFrom Jacki:

You know how “they” say that when you stop looking for love is when you find it?

That applies to so many different fields of life, including writing.

Struggling with a bit of a writer’s block, I decided to cut loose and attend an “adult toy party” at a girlfriend’s house. She is an avid reader and was very supportive of local authors, so I took two writer-friends with me. We had a blast at this thing, everyone telling stories about their sex lives and how they imagined all the goodies in front of us could help. It was great fun!

And a few weeks later, a story idea was born.

But I wanted to do more than just tell a “naughty story.” I wanted a “make lemonade outta lemons” gal (because that was how I got out of my own slump), and I didn’t want to follow the traditional “formula” of hero+heroine=happily ever after. This was my first stab at “happily for now” being the stronger ending.

And so Leslie Stetler was born, a single gal looking to make her own way, a gal who certainly enjoyed the opposite sex but wasn’t looking for a man to “complete” her. She was my version of a Sex and the City gal, and I had tons of fun writing her.

After all, who doesn’t want to go along on an adventure with a gal who can have a scene like this with a hot man:

I felt him roll over, then I felt the tips of two fingers at the hem of my robe and against the skin along my calf.
“Are you still naked under here?” Miller asked.
“You’re not going to find out.”
His fingers continued a trail up my leg but on the outside of the robe.
“C’mon, Stetler. You give me enough wood to keep a family of beavers busy for a week.”
I raspberried at him. “Keep it up, and I’ll find a way to saw your log in half.”

Then turn around and have one like this:

CJ nodded toward the plants behind me. “Enjoying the honeysuckle?”
I spun around and looked at the thick mass of
vines. “That’s what this is? Honeysuckle? It smells fantastic. I’ve never seen real honeysuckle before.”
“Want me to show you a little trick?” I paused to enjoy the glow of sunlight that highlighted his face and gave the bare skin of his arms a bronzed sheen before I nodded.
He plucked one of the yellow blossoms from the vine and pinched it at the bottom of the elongated stem. He twisted it until it broke free from the rest of the plant, then he slowly removed it. A single drop of clear liquid sat on the torn piece of plant.
“What is that?” I asked.
He smiled, then wordlessly reached over and dragged the piece of plant along the pout of my lower lip, leaving a trail of liquid there.
“Taste it,” he said softly.
I ran my tongue over the sticky substance, and his eyes never left my mouth. An explosion of pure sugar flooded my taste buds, and I smiled. Our eyes met, and he returned the grin.
“That is so good! I can’t believe that’s straight out of the flower.”
He picked another one, popped the bottom of it, and sucked the nectar straight from the stem. Watching him set off dozens of little lightning strikes of desire beneath my skin.
We locked eyes once more, and I felt my insides turn as gushy as the middle of those flowers. An invisible, inaudible force built between us, pulling me closer to him like some kind of tractor beam. Hesitation flickered in his gaze, and I stopped.
“Leslie, I really want to kiss you,” he said with what sounded like surprise in his voice.
“So why don’t you?”
He reached forward with his left hand and cradled the right side of my face. He dragged his thumb across my bottom lip, along the same path he’d made with the nectar.

So I hope you get as much of a kick out of Leslie as I did in writing her, as Dana did in reading her (she was a major cheerleader in getting this project out there to the “universe”). Happy reading!


8 thoughts on “Jacki King’s new release

  1. Sounds like this girl was a hoot to write. I am guessing at the kinds of adventures she might get up too. Thanks for dropping by Jacki.

  2. Sounds like this girl was a hoot to write. I am guessing at the kinds of adventures she might get up too. Thanks for dropping by Jacki.

  3. Thank you for checking in, Crow! Leslie was/is great fun. Dana and I actually caught ourselves talking about her as if she were a mutual friend we knew – ha!

    Hope you enjoy, and happy reading!

  4. ButtonsMom – I hope it strikes a chord with women who miss their SEX AND THE CITY nights where they can just cut loose and laugh at the battle of the sexes! Thanks for checking in, and happy reading to you!

  5. Dana –

    Angst (and the satisying resolution of it) certainly has its place, but I love to laugh, and apparently so do a lot of readers!

    Thanks for having me, and I look forward to your next Broslin story – love those men and the women who love them!

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