OK, so I’m almost ready to start on my bestseller project. I’m tying up some previous projects, finishing up two thriller proposals to send to Intrigue. Plus my office is being painted. Well… almost. I unpacked and moved out over the weekend per the painter’s vague promise that he’ll come this week. Today he told me something came up and he won’t be able to come until next Wednesday. I hate when they do that!!!

So back to thinking about writing bestsellers… I’ve been reading a book from Al Zuckerman, Ken Follett’s agent, about how to write one. And by coincidence, Rebecca York posted a wonderful blog today at NINC about Ken Follett’s workshop at Thrillerfest over the weekend. I like his advice. Will incorporate it into my plot.

Also, Tess Gerritsen is talking about thrillers and Ken Follett here.

My current quest is to find out what kind of books make the bestseller list. You’d think it would be easy, just look at the list. Trouble is, I don’t know if a book is on there because readers by the million automatically buy a beloved author. There are authors whose books I’d buy sight unseen. What I need is books who are breaking onto the list. Do you know any author’s whose first book made the list?

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