I started this blog in 2007 and haven’t written anything since. In my own defense, I wrote about 15 books during these three years. I’m going to take off a little time from my mad schedule, however, and try to figure out how to write a bestseller. I’ll be posting every step of the journey. You’ll be able to see every drop of sweat (just be glad you won’t be able to smell it), watch me cry over rejections and try to figure out how to make the book better. I’ll be posting scenes and whole chapters and would love your input. I will be also posting everything I learn.

You are hereby invited to join me on the quest. If you’re a reader, you might find it entertaining how books are written. If you’re a writer, take up my challenge!! Start your own bestseller and write me about it. Would be nice not to have to travel the road alone.

My goal is to post ever day that I write. Oh boy, that sounds ambitious. Who am I kidding? The whole project sounds ambitious. Do I really want to fail in public?

(Sits for 20 minutes, gathers courage to push the PUBLISH POST button. Does it.)

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